This man creatures entire worlds inside of his pocket watches!!

Greek artist Gregory Grozos gives new life to antique jewelry by encasing miniature worlds inside pocket watches and pendants. Inspired by classic art, fantasy, and steampunk, all of his amazing pieces tell their own little magically miniture story. He even places tiny figurines among little homes, workplaces, and forests.

“A few years ago I had the idea of making an entire tiny world which a person can carry on him or her,” reveals Grozos. “I then started developing ways to do exactly that. My work is very painstaking and most pieces take days or even weeks to complete.” Every trinket is carefully composed. They are made of countless individually placed elements such as tiny figurines, little cogs, and miniature trees. Lots of Grozos’ pieces to seem to house entire factories inside their metal casings, including the complex machinery and tiny people that would be working inside.

Some pieces are inspired by fairytales like Jack and the Beanstalk. But others depict gorgeous nights under the stars. Even with such limited space, Grozos still manages to tell the whole story by cleverly dividing the scene into levels connected by the famous beanstalk. Another piece features a teeny-tiny apothecary inside a Victorian-era pocket watch case. Impressively, it’s full of little details, such as rows of bottles, jars, and containers of varying sizes.

Its so hard to pick one of his pieces that I would call my favorite. In fact I love them all so much I had to share them with you. The time and dedication that are poured into these pieces are enough to blow you away. But then you think about the love he must have for this passion. That seals the deal.

The tiny star gazer make me smile….

This scene is so inviting I want to vacation there.

It doesn’t matter if you can choose just one. Loving them all is a totally valid answer. Especially with creations of this beauty!!