This Might Be Why He Didn’t Call You After You Slept Together

Honestly, it is not easy to find the right one, is it?

You can’t really tell if they are the right one after one date.

Some of us have one-night stands and never see them again, some of us find ourselves sleeping with them on the first date as it feels right and there’s nothing wrong with that despite what some may think, it’s an individual choice.

Sadly, we get judged on doing just that because the world is full of judgmental people, and often forget that it takes two for that to happen but lay judgment on only the woman!

Men are fickle things, they enjoy the one-night stands or the woman who sleeps with them straight away and they end up have a booty call type of relationship, yet they are quick to say, “wouldn’t marry her though”!

If you’ve has a one-night stand don’t be expecting him to call the next day even if he has said he would. He got what he wanted and is now on the move to the next.

Reality is you’ve slept with someone you really don’t know that well, and in his mind, you’re “an easy woman” which is an unfair assumption on their part.

Times have changed and women are more in touch with their own feelings, what they want and how they want to live.

We no longer live in the era of men rule and women submit, yet still, the old views remain, and in most cases, it is always the woman who ends up with the bad reputation.

He hasn’t called you because he views you as a one-night stand.

He hasn’t called you because he got what he needed.

He hasn’t called you because you are not a future relationship.

He hasn’t called you because he just isn’t into you.

Perhaps you’ve been feeling lonely and you slept with him because you wanted human contact even for just one night, nothing wrong with that despite what some may say.

It is totally up to you how you live your life and who you sleep with.

Just don’t be upset or surprised if you don’t hear from them again because you took the decision to sleep with them.

You’re modern in your life and outlook, and men can’t handle that at the best of times.

Truth is you can have sex whenever you like, but ask yourself “Does it fulfil me, and does it make me feel good?”

If the answer is yes, then go you and carry on with your life choices.

If the answer is no, step back a bit and perhaps wait and get to know someone well before taking that step.

If they don’t call it’s their loss, they have missed the opportunity of being with a wonderful woman.