Time To Start Hoarding Some Boozy Popsicles For Your Summer Fun

Yes, it’s wintertime but how about turning your thoughts to summer where you plan parties and how about having boozy popsicles for all your friends to enjoy and keep everyone cool and happy.

You can make them yourself there are plenty of recipes online, but even better you can now purchase them and stock up your freezer.


These are frozen lowtails, which means low-ABV. The Frutapops are made with organic ingredients which means no added sugar too, and they make them into poptails. They have various flavors to choose from such as Watermelon Margarita’s Mango Mimosa and frozen trendy drinks such as frozen rosé and a non-alcoholic pumpkin-spice cold brew for hotter fall days.

Slim Chillers

Sounds a bit like a 90’s hip-hop artist, but back in 2018, these boozy pops took the market by storm thanks to Costco. These little gems have an 8% ABV and only 100 calories so a winner all round. You can get them in various flavors such as Watermelon Lemonade, Cosmopolitan, Appletini, and other concoctions that you’re generally only confronted with at Applebee’s. In 2019 they added to their list Frosé All Day crowd with Skinny Freezers, a type of frozen wine pops, in case you want to keep it a little classier. I wonder what 2020 will bring.

SnoBar Cocktails

These guys have nailed down a solid line of cosmos, margarita’s, and mojitos on sticks. They also have a line of ice creams — Brandy Alexander, Pink Squirrel, and Grasshopper among them — that come in above 8% and also come in the push-pop form. They’re mostly available on the west coast and in the south (here’s a handy locator), but given the rapid expansion, they will no doubt be turning up in grocery stores too, you can also order them online. For those getting over a breakup, it’s a dream come true, the breakup ice cream made of booze!

Spoonable Spirits Pudding Shots

If you’re not into ice cream or popsicles, you can now have pudding shots that are frozen, the hidden gems that are low impact sugar bombs. Not technically booze but will cover your DD people at your party. You can order them online as minis or in little reusable jars.

Buzz Pops

The beast of the pops they pack a huge punch coming in at 15% alcohol and you can get them in flavors like a particularly limey Moscow Mule, Blueberry Mojito, and the tequila-spiked Blueberry Mojo. The sorbet-based treats are essentially boozy push-ups doubling as stiff cocktails.

Claffey’s Frozen Cocktails

These babies are only 90 calories and 6% ABV, so you can have plenty of them without feeling a second of guilt. They come in flavors such as Pink Lemonade, Grab Apple, Purple Party, and Cherry Lips (or Pink Lemonade, Apple, Grape, and Cherry. They come in bulk at Costco, you gotta love bulk shopping!