Traits More People In The World Need


Being honest with yourself as well as others is the way to go. Don’t worry if you make enemies with your honesty it just means they don’t like the boundaries you have set. True authentic people around you is what you need, and they will appreciate your honesty and not hold it against you.

Forgiving Yourself.

We all make mistakes, some of them are monumental. Don’t let the mistakes of the past impact your future. Often when we become anxious things get blown out of proportion and our reaction makes the situation worse. Its happened, its done, let it go and learn from it.

Guiding Light.

We don’t all need the hero in the cape who dives in and makes things right for us. What we do need is someone who can give us a leg up, a helping hand when life becomes just a little too much for us. A little help can go a long way. The guiding light when we feel lost and confused will ease the anxiety that life puts upon us.

Step Out Of The Box

Go to places you never been to before, have experiences that you would not normally even consider, bungee jumping, rock climbing, night classes to learn something new. Invite friends over you haven’t seen in a long time, do a group cooking session, let the wine flow and the good conversation of catching up with everyone’s news.  Stepping outside your comfort zone whilst it can cause a little anxiety is good for your soul and those you involve in your venture.


No, not sex, although yes that’s how most interpret it.  Being intimate is about giving up some pieces of you that you wouldn’t normally do. Sharing yourself with someone you can trust is an amazing thing. It can be very healing finding someone like that.


If we could all try and be more understanding of others especially those that have experienced great trauma in their lives, then the world would be a much better place to be.  The older we get we do find ourselves more focused on our own personal life and often forget that others are having a tough time too.

Be Encouraging Of Others.

As I said earlier, we all make mistakes. To find others have our backs when life goes wrong can make a big difference. Someone holding our hand, telling us it will be alright makes it easier to cope with what has gone wrong. Days, when you are not your best self, is normal so don’t be hard on yourself.


These can at times be more challenging than we would like. It’s the ‘Tough Love’ of life. That doesn’t mean you use passive aggressive comments or shade throwing behavior. It simply means having the conversation with someone even though you know it will be challenging after all the hardest conversations are more often the most impactful ones.


Right now, finding peace is a challenge. Daily life can at times be a real struggle to get through with its demands such as work and family.  Sometimes failing at things makes us feel hopeless and the uptake of noise we face makes it even harder. Find yourself some peace in your daily life, such as time put aside to read a book, watch a movie or even just being able to get to bed before midnight hits.


It is impossible to be strong all the time, no one is at their best 24/7. We live in a world where other people appear strong and living a flawless life. If you spent time talking to those people, they would tell you that they don’t see that in themselves and they are just as insecure about their life as you are about yours.  Be strong together, support and love one another, you are doing the best you can and that is all you can ask of yourself and others.