Undeniable Signs You’ve Found Your Soulmate

A soulmate isn’t just a romantic partner. He is your rock, your shoulder to cry on, your partner in crime, your best friend.

Have you ever met anyone, and you feel they are the one you have been waiting for your whole life?

You may not have had that feeling yet, but here are some signs that have been proven you have met your soulmate:


Your soulmate could be someone you already know, but life has thus far has stopped you from seeing them as such.

They could be a work colleague, a neighbor, a friend.

As your life changes, you suddenly see them in a whole new light and realize they are the one you have been looking for all along.


I’m not referring to talking here, it’s the nonverbal type of communication.

You suddenly find yourself knowing what they are thinking just by their body language and their facial expressions.

When you know his body language you know in yourself you are on the right track of finding your soulmate.


When he is by your side always, then you have hit the jackpot as far as relationships go.

You can make mistakes and he will still support you and love you regardless.

When you fall, he will pick you up, brush you off and hold you up for as long as you need.


There is a thin line between can’t live without them as in truly loving and supportive versus psychotic behavior.

If he follows you and won’t let you live and breathe, that’s psychotic behavior, but if he supports and loves you and allows you to still be you, that’s a true soulmate, which will leave you feeling life wouldn’t be right if he wasn’t there.

Make sure you have the right balance!


Not an easy one to get the right balance.

Neither of you should feel superior or inferior to each other. You need to be equal and compatible.

Challenge each other, learn and grow together.

You will never be bored together, and life will continue to sparkle together.

A true soulmate with do these things with you.


With soulmates the chemistry is electrifying.

You have the right kind of butterflies in your stomach.

The special feelings you have with him are incredible. He makes you laugh and cry happy tears. You feel loved and protected like never before.

The time you spend together is special and cherished.


Not only do you have similar social interests you are equally ambitious about life.

You both want what is best for each other.

He will encourage you in your career and he won’t feel threatened should you career advance faster than his does.

He will never view that as a threat he will be proud of all you achieve.


He is your best friend.

You laugh and cry together at the chick flicks he watches with you even when his favorite team is playing as he’d rather spend time with you do that.

Your fights will be monumental, but oh wow the making up will be worth the fight.

Your love with always come through the fights as you are soulmates and that’s the difference.


Life has been up and down for you, you felt like something was missing, you almost felt empty and alone, not lonely, alone.

Now he is in your life all the pieces coming together.

Life will feel good and it finally makes sense.


If you believe in it you may feel that you have been together in a past life, that you grew old together and dies together peaceful in the knowledge that you will be reunited in the next life.

If you don’t believe in that, you will still have the sense of knowing them before you even met them.

For all you know, you may have seen them before and noticed things they said and did, but as you were in another relationship, it didn’t sink in until a much later date that ‘he’ is the one.

If you find yourself experiencing all of these, you will never be sorry you committed to him.