Weird AF Virgin Killer Sweater Goes Viral Again

The weirdest AF sweater is doing the rounds again. It is being called the “virgin killer” as it is supposed to make anyone who wears it sexy and fill them with the desire to have sex.

It doesn’t leave much to the imagination as it is extremely revealing.

The sweater was first seen on anime characters and social influencers got involved by posting pictures of themselves wearing the sweaters on social media.

Now the sweaters have had an upgrade made from the same gray wool and as last time the sweater has gone viral with people buying it and posting online.

Although the sweater covers a certain amount to stop it being banned for indecency there is plenty still cut out to show parts of the body such as side-boob sections.

It is being sold officially as the Slit Ribbon Knit Sweater created by designer Amami_omt for £27.

Pictures are turning up all over social media of models wearing the sweater and people are saying is way too much for their poor little hearts.

One person wrote: “This is more than my virgin heart can candle” and another who added, “and I was killed”.

Some question whether it could still be classified as clothing as there was so little material involved, and another pointed out: “It’s only a sweater in the philosophical sense.”

The original virgin-killing sweater, modeled by Jun Amaki Credit:

The original “Virgin Killer” sweater was a backless turtleneck, designed to show off some side boob.

The jumper was labeled the doutei wo korosu, a phrase which suggests it would excite a virgin man so much that he would die.

It hangs low in the back as well, meaning cheeky wearers can expose some bum.

What the hell will they think of next!?!