What Every Zodiac Sign Finds Unforgivable

We all have things that rub us up the wrong way and sometimes those things turn out to be the straw that broke the camel’s back.


If you think you can get away with ghosting someone who is an Aries think again.

They have no issues with breakups or abandonment, but they do have an issue with people who think they can break up and leave without at the very least saying good-bye.

Think carefully before insulting them this way, as once done is never forgiven.


Do not ever joke at their expense, they have no problems with banter and a bit of roasting though.

They hate being out on the spot and into the spotlight and hate people looking at them and making fun of them.

They will consider this a sneaky move by you and they will never forgive you.


If you fill their personal space with negativity it will get their back up and they will come out on the defensive with you.

Even worse if you try and point out the decisions, they are making are wrong, their attitude will be my life, my rules.

They are experts at cutting people out of their life if they feel disrespected in any way.


God help you if you mess with their family, you will live to regret it big time.

They are very family-oriented and you saying anything negative will give them the ammunition they need to make your life hell.

No one ever gets away with hurting their family and you will just be wishing the ground would open up and swallow you whole.


Leo’s are proud people and should you show them any disrespect then it’s curtains for you.

They tend to aim for always doing the right thing which is a great quality to have and you lacking respect for this and knowing the boundaries is bad news.

They take no prisoners and will think nothing of eating you whole to show who is boss.


You would be wise to not upset a Virgo; they are highly intelligent people as their track record shows.

They are the most trustworthy of people, and should you try and ruin their reputation they will not hesitate to call you out on your sneaky low down shitty behavior.

They will ensure everyone knows what you have done too, which makes for a messy time of life.


They love to party and have a wide circle of friends, family and friends are important to them.

Should you attempt to in their eyes, mess with their circle you will instantly become the enemy.

Life will get ugly for you and they will stop you dead in your tracks and remove you from their circle.


They are incapable of forgiveness and that applies to everyone, friends, and family.

They are self-righteous and think they are always right. Should you betray them then their vengeful nature will make life a living hell.

Be warned they are incredible friends but dangerous enemies.


They hate people who are unkind and if they see someone being unkind to another person or an animal, they lose their shit.

Their temper is made of legends and once lost they have no control and will be vicious in what they say to you.

They are rarely ever violent, but if pushed too far they could be.


They can’t stand people who manipulate others and they are pretty good at spotting those types of people.

They are strong-headed and will hold a grudge that can last a lifetime. Be careful they don’t feel manipulated by you as if they do you will find yourself out in the cold.

They will not hold back telling others about your manipulative ways too.


They can be vicious people, especially when their trust is broken as once broken it will never be forgiven.

They too can manipulate people, and should they feel you have slighted them they will not hold back trying to get other friends even family to turn against you.

Their grudge will last a lifetime.


They are extremely sensitive and caring, which leaves them wide open to abuse by others.

If you hurt them, they tend to turn in on themselves, however, be warned as once they have licked their wounds, they come out fighting and you are the target.

They will never forgive you for the damage you have caused and they will make sure you know it too.