Yes, It Is Hard To Leave A Relationship But Wow Girl Look At The New You!

Leaving someone is always so damn hard to do, your emotions are all over the place and you wonder if you will ever get off the roller coaster.

Long term relationships appear to be the hardest as you have so much history and time invested in what you believed was forever.

We all wish there was some magic formula to ease the heartbreak, but quite frankly there isn’t one you just have to go through it and know you can come out the other side.

Forget the listening to the heart that bitch lies, listen to your brain and your gut, they often work hand in hand and even they know the heart is no good when sense is required.

You know in yourself when it is time to move on, especially if the relationship has become toxic for you.

When you make the decision to move on, that’s usually the set-in-stone moment, but don’t think for one minute you won’t have doubts as you will. The good memories will come flooding in. The happy times when life was so perfect with him.

Your reluctance to take that final step is based on addiction, yes that’s right addiction. You are addicted to the life you have with him and like any addiction, he is bad for you and making your life a misery, so it’s time to take your power back and move on.

Why stay with someone who isn’t making you happy? Why stay with someone who sucks the life out of you day after day, don’t you think you have the right to be happy?

Be the game changer! Sure, he won’t like it, you ending things may even blow his world up! So what! If he was right for you and treated you right, you wouldn’t be making the decision to leave, would you?

Too often we stay in bad relationships as it’s easier, it’s a comfort zone, step out of the box girl and go rogue.

Do things that make you happy, do things that help you to grow as the person you want to be. Make your life your own, yes that’s right own it girl.

You will find once your life changes it becomes full of energy and passion, not the stuck in the rut existence that you once had. It will make you change. People will be amazed at the difference in you. The vibe you give off will be contagious, it will draw all the right people to you.

It is no bad thing to be single for a while either. Enjoy the peace and the freedom being single gives you, you are after all healing from the breakup.

Don’t allow yourself to be ‘guilted’ he had his chance, he blew it. He may try and get you back, only you can decide if that is what you want, he will be pulled to the new you, may even be jealous of who you have become, ask yourself ‘Do I really want to go back to that life?’

You’ve changed because it is what you wanted to do, it is all about your own personal growth, and no you are not being selfish at all, and if anyone says you are, boot their ass too, no room for negativity like that in your new world.

You’ve closed the door on the past.

You’ve opened a new one, now off you go girl, the world awaits a beautiful soul like you!