Yes, You Broke Me, But You Made Me Realize My Worth Too – So Thank You

People say if the person you’re in a relationship with makes you cry, then that person is not the “one, ” and they are so right! Relationships are supposed to make you happy and if they are the reason for all the pain and anxiety you carry within you, then you better rethink your love life. A toxic relationship feels like a deadly illness, but nobody can see the destruction it causes while you try to live.

Every person should know that they deserve to be treated well, but sometimes people don’t realize that until they finally meet someone who treats them like they are the most important person in the world. Unfortunately, very few people are lucky enough to find that person without getting their heart broken a few times first. Most of us become shattered by dream selling playboys, and we lose hope, but eventually, we’ll find the one.

I came across you and thought that you’re that perfect one and that we would be together forever until you threw me off with the reality that it was just a game for you. You started off treating me as if I was your princess. Like I was everything you wanted in this life, but it didn’t last. I still can’t understand what happened to you? Why did you make me love you to throw me away like that? You made it clear that this was nothing to you, that you played me for a pass time. I will never forget the signs, at least I now know how things should be. You know what? Your foul actions changed me, but for all good reasons. Now because of you, I know what my worth is and how anyone who wants to be with me should be treating me.

Because of you, I have realized that I should not be giving myself to anyone to disrespects me, point out all of my flaws, and makes me feel inferior. I deserve somebody who loves me even when I look ugly because I don’t want somebody who is with me only for what I look like, instead of who I am. I don’t want someone who doesn’t know what my soul carries and cares for, what dreams my eyes carry and what makes my soul catch fire.

I want to give myself to a person who never forgets to prove that I am a blessing for them. You taught me that I want someone unlike you, who escaped every time I needed you the most. This is what people like you do, they escape when a shoulder is needed. I still can’t believe it, why I endured the pain of being with you and why I didn’t realize that I don’t deserve that. No one deserves that.

But thank you, now I know you’re the worst thing I have done to myself and you have given me the courage to stand for myself against all of the toxic people and relationships in my life. I won’t deny that it took me some time to pick up all of the broken pieces of my heart, but I put myself back together. I was lucky enough to save myself from you, and find the person who will never break me ever again. Thank you for showing me my worth by allowing me to find someone who will make sure that the magic and love in my eyes will never fade.