You Are Not Crazy In Love, You Are Crazy Obsessed

Every second of your life you spend is focused on your partner.

You’re constantly wondering where he is and what he is doing, who he is talking to and is he even cheating on you.

That’s no love, that is obsession.

Your possessive behavior even makes you imagine things that are not even going on, and this will overwhelm him.

You can’t avoid these feelings as it is part of your nature and it leaves you confused, it also makes you absolute hell to be with.

The quickest way to kill your relationship is to be possessive and obsessive.

Lack of trust in your partner will be a challenge for him, he will eventually get tired of constantly having to reassure you and it could even drive him into another woman’s arms.

You need to remind yourself he is with you because you are who he wants to be with, he loves you, he chose you!

You can’t be with him 24/7 and you have to trust him when you are apart.

Don’t sit there thinking he is doing things he shouldn’t just because you are not there with him, that’s mind talk and it is one of the most damaging bad habits you can have.

Obsessive behavior will turn the love he has for you into repulsion perhaps even hate.

He needs freedom to breathe, to be happy in his life which he can’t be if you are constantly questioning him about his movements, even who he has spoken to.

Picture Gollum in your head, saying “He is mine, my precious” not a nice image is it? But that is how you are behaving, and you have to stop, or you will end up alone.

All relationships need time apart as well as together.

You need to have trust and belief in each other when one person in the relationship doesn’t have this it is quite frankly doomed from the start.

Arguments will begin to be more frequent as he will be tired and annoyed at having to constantly defend himself to you.

Happy periods in the relationship will be rare, you will turn him off sexually too, this will cause you to think he is getting it elsewhere, the reality is, you’ve caused him to not even want to be with you that way.

If you want your relationship to work and survive life’s challenges, you need to work on your behavior.

Give them space to do what they want, it isn’t because they want to spend time away from you, it’s because it’s how healthy loving relationships work.

He needs to have time with his friends, and so do you!

Own space is healthy, try it, you may find you obsess less and enjoy the time apart.

Real love is not about controlling each other.

Love is not about being scared to let the person be who they are, it is not about jealousy or obsessive behavior.

Love is allowing each other to be who they are with each other and apart.