You Can Tell If The Man In Your Life Is Toxic If He Starts Sending You Texts That Question Your Every Move

Toxic relationships come in many forms; some you don’t even realize are toxic until you are in way too deep.

When you first start out building a relationship texts play a huge role in this and what was once appeared cute and caring can turn sinister, dark and suffocating.

There are certain types of texts that can indicate that the person you are building a relationship with will turn toxic and reveal their abusive personality.

1. Where are you at and with whom??

He needs to know what you are doing every second you are apart and who you are with, this is showing you he doesn’t trust you; he doesn’t care if this message feels invasive, he needs his mind put at rest that he knows exactly where you are and with who.

2. You’re going to be in trouble if you don’t answer me now.

You can be busy at work, in meetings, or even at home asleep, if you don’t answer his texts immediately then he is going to assume you are up to no good. He will keep messaging until you answer and each message will get more demanding and even threatening as time goes on.

3. What’s with those revealing pictures?

You’ve gone out with friends for the night and you’ve posted pictures on your social media he won’t like this. For one it doesn’t include him as he isn’t there, and he won’t like that you are dressed up and feeling good about yourself. The pictures get loads of like and comments from female and make friends but he will only focus on the men’s comments, he will message demanding you take the pictures down as he feels he is the only one who should see you dressed up.

4. I don’t think you really love me. You never listen to me.

He is trying to control you by making you stop doing the things you love and enjoy. You may enjoy going to the gym and he tells you to stop going as he thinks you are getting too thin or developing muscles you shouldn’t have. He will tell you not to wear a certain dress even though it’s your favorite, so you wear it anyway and he tells you that you clearly have no respect for his opinion.

5. You can’t go out without me.

He attempts to stop you going out unless he is with you. If you do go out, he is constantly texting you and all hell breaks out if you don’t answer him immediately. He accuses you of seeing other men, dressing like a whore and he can’t understand why you need to spend time with other people as you have him.

6. Do you even care about me when you are making plans without checking with me?

You go on a spur of the moment night out with friends or family and he wasn’t invited. He will act all butthurt and claim that you haven’t even considered his feelings. He will claim that he was planning a surprise night out for you both and you have ruined it. He may even turn up uninvited and the atmosphere will be awful.

7. What are you doing with him?

You have male friends, you had them before him most of us do. You spend time with these male friends and OMG the backlash is ridiculous. If he asks you constantly about your male friends this is a huge red flag, he is an abuser and he may even go as far as to threaten your male friends to leave you alone.

8. I don’t think I’m to blame here.

You had a fight and he left, you are at home relieved to have a break from him then he starts texting you relentlessly that the fight was all your fault and you need to apologize. He won’t stop until you do apologize and he will think nothing of texting you all night long or turning back up at your home to continue the fight until you give in to him.

9. Even my friends think you’re crazy.

He uses this when he wants you to do something he wants and you don’t want to do it. He plants the seed that all his friends have been talking about you to him and that they can’t see why he is with you as you’re one crazy bitch. He is trying to continue his control over you.

10. You can’t talk to him; leave if he goes to the party.

You’re out with friends, even a work function and he sees you talking to someone that he doesn’t like or want you to associate with and that can even include your boss! He will demand you both leave as he doesn’t want to be there any longer and you have humiliated him by talking with these people.

11. Convince me you’re home. Send me a pic.

If you ever get this text, for goodness sake run for the hills. This is clear that he doesn’t believe you or trust you. If you say you are at home that should be good enough, so to have him demand a selfie of you at home is way too abnormal to most people’s thinking.

12. We’re breaking up if you do this.

If you get this text, BOOM! You’re done. He is attempting blackmail and the relationship is no relationship at all. Tell him yay at last and get on with having a normal life, because girl you are worth so much more than this.