You Can’t Just Half-Ass Commitment And Call Yourself A Good Person

Promises are not meant to be broken. Commitments should involve dedication and mutual efforts.

People often consider commitment a game to attain temporary relief. We often find people disrespecting and devaluing their relationships after some period of time. They are fond of the physical appearances and materialistic things offered by people in their relationships. Once the charm is over, they treat the other person as a backup plan or a disposable object. This objectification might ruin someone’s self-esteem.

Once you commit to someone, you build a bond with them and you are not supposed to give up on them. It means that you will be there for them through thick and thin. You are the ray of hope for them. You will help them in building their confidence and strengths. Most importantly, you will prioritize them throughout your life.

If you are unable to keep your promises, then you should not date anyone. You can’t be both a committed partner and a player at the same time. You cannot continue to flirt with a stranger while you promise a forever to your partner. Once you are committed, learn to stay true to your words.

A commitment is based on true intention and the focus on a particular person. You learn to grow and evolve as a person with your partner.

The point of being in a relationship is to become soul mates for each other. You should be there for each other amidst all chaos and difficulties. In good and bad, you should stick together. Commitment means spending a lifetime together by staying loyal to that one person. It means understanding each other, going out, meeting friends, and being adventurous together. Ultimately, you will become a consistent, mature and trustworthy person through this commitment.

However, commitment requires a lot of efforts. If you are not prepared to work on being with someone, then you better stay single.

There is no purpose of being in any fake relationship in which you are not ready to put efforts. If you want to play cool and safe by having a half-ass relationship, then you are fooling yourself. If the only purpose for being with someone is to boost your ego, then think about it again. Rather than being an immature fool who ruins someone’s life, it is better to be a person who finds a purpose in your commitment.

If you are in a relationship, you should be in it with genuine intentions. No slacking and being lazy can be tolerated in any relationship. You should be able to support your partner’s vision. There should be consideration of each other’s perspective and viewpoint in every relationship. The commitment should come from the heart and from free will. It should not be forced and imposed on someone. Your commitment should be genuine, true, and most importantly formed on a strong bond.

So, if you are not prepared to be genuine in your commitment then it is better to stay single. As there is nothing wrong in being single rather than giving someone false hopes and feelings. Ultimately, you will ruin someone’s peace of mind by making them believe in a false commitment.

Commitment means giving yourself to one person only. Your feelings for that one particular person should not be seasonal. You should not be temporary engage in any commitment if you are not sure about it. You should put all your efforts to ensure that your relationship lasts forever.

Stay single until you find someone who makes you feel more focused and dedicated. A person who makes you believe in forever. Don’t fall for someone temporarily just for the sake of fun. Don’t tell a person that you love them until you truly feel it. Make sure that are mentally prepared to spend a lifetime with someone before committing to them.

Don’t’ be a half-asser. Consider being in a relationship that helps you grow forever. Learn to respect others and never half-ass anything.