You Enjoyed Making Me Feel Unworthy But That Doesn’t Mean I Am

I loved you and I can see clearly now you didn’t but you created the illusion of love.

Looking back I can see that all you did was bring me down. I believed I was the one in the wrong, that you needed far more than I could ever give you and that it was all my fault.

The lessons I learned from you are priceless and ironically, I don’t regret my time with you as without those lessons I wouldn’t have grown up in a way that helps me see people for who they truly are.

You loved to make me feel unworthy but I know that isn’t true.

The problem wasn’t me it was you all along. You were incapable of appreciating me and took advantage of all I had to offer you. I never felt good enough as you never once said thank you let alone showed love.

You taught me exactly the type of people to now avoid, the toxic selfish people who just take and take, I know I deserve better and I’m going to make sure that is exactly what I do have from now on.

I’ve found a deeper understanding of myself, what my goals and values are, my dreams that can come true although you did love to make fun of my dreams didn’t you?

Yes, there were some good times, as I look back, they were in the early days, but the good can never outweigh what followed.

Let me tell you, ‘YOU’ were never good enough for me!

Loving you came at a cost.

I learned that sometimes love is not enough. Fighting for a one-sided relationship is never a battle that can be won.

I knew you wouldn’t change unless a change that would never last was to your benefit.

When your mask finally fell off completely seeing you for who you truly are was the wakeup call, I needed.

I’m not going to say everything was your fault, as in part I own some fault that I stayed so long, I stayed hoping you would change, you would grow up, but that was never going to happen.

You loved working me up into a frenzy of confusion and anger that was exhausting to live with.

You mistook me staying as you having control, that you had taken my self-worth away, but you got that wrong. You thought us being together so long made me a permanent fixture in your life.

Toxic people have no place in my life and that is what you are. I’m not sorry that you’re upset that I took control of my life back, why should I, you never really loved me.

You played an excellent game that is now over.

You were not the person you pretended to be and now that I’ve grown, I see that quite well.