You Made The Biggest Mistake Of Your Life: You Pushed Her Into The Arms Of Another Man

You pushed her into the arms of another man and you’ll forever regret it. This will always be the biggest mistake of your life. That ultimate regret. You had the ultimate gem that everyone wished they could stumble upon. There is no one to blame for this one. It’s all your fault.

You pushed her away by making her feel all alone. You left her to just deal with all life’s problems by herself. She learned to navigate through life and her insecurities all on her own while you were too busy to realize she was struggling. You took your gem for granted when she needed you most and in turn pushed her straight into the arms of another man.

You pushed her into the arms of another man because you were too self centered to pay attention to her wants and desires, What she wanted and needed so desperately was your uncondtional love so she left you for a man who who could give her his all. She is ray of sunshine in this sometimes, dark and cold world. He gives her is all, a ride or die type of love.

You pushed her into the arms of another man by not giving her the love, respect, and attention she deserved. She wanted someone who would fight for her. You made her feel worthless and that’s why you lost her.

She fell in love with another man because everything came before her. Work, family and friends always came first. When you had free time, you were willing to do everything anyone else asked but couldn’t even take her for dinner. She was always last on your list of priorities because took her love for granted. You assumed she would always be by your side. You never realized her value. You never prioritized her because you always thought that she would be there whenever you needed her. You made her fall for another man because you failed to make her a priority.

You turned her away and she ran into the arms of another man when you failed to see the fire in her eyes. Oh how they burned for you. When you touched her, that fire set her soul ablaze and she could feel electricity running through her veins. She finally realized that those feelings were never going to be reciprocated so she smoldered the flames that burned for you,

You pushed her into the arms of another man when she couldn’t bear another scar etched into her soul. The numerous nights she had spent crying herself to sleep but you didn’t even hear because you were too focused on your show. She wanted you to understand and see her pain but you were too self involved to even notice how hardened she was becoming.

When you were busy taking her presence for granted, that was the point when you pushed her into the arm of another man.

You said that you would giver her the world. You would fulfill every fantasy. She would never be without. You would always be by her side, Empty words followed up by broken promises and little to no action. While you were busy promising her forever but yet you could never never fulfill one commitment. Promise after promise eventually made her believe in magic. The fairy tale does exist.

In the blink of an eye, or maybe it was the her waking up from her fantasy world, her dream became a living nightmare. After awhile, those empty words and promises flooded her with the reality that you weren’t the main you claimed to be. Instead of being filled with all those wonderful qualities, you were filled with nothing but broken pieces, glued together to make a shell of a man who didn’t even know how to love himself. You were so self centered that far too often it seemed she was invisible. You looked right through her at times as if she didn’t exist. In the blink of an eye, those dreams along with her heart.

You kept her as some temporary escape when you needed one. Maybe you needed an ego boost or a back up plan, You knew that she would always pick up the phone and be there when you needed her. However, it was impossible for you to reciprocate any of it because you just wanted some fun so you kept her hanging on. You always knew that she deserved someone better, someone who gave a damn but yet you kept her in your life because it was all about the fun and a game to you.
She was ready to settle down and get serious. She finally thought she found the one which is why this hurt so much, She gave you all of her, How could she be treated as an option? Why didn’t you see all she had to offer or appreciate her?

They say, “love is blind.” This may be why she missed all the red flags and kept her from seeing the cold harsh truth. She loved you and you didn’t love her back. Although you made a complete fool out of her and love can turn any logical person into a naive fool while stripping all your senses, it can never take your strength.

She was a warrior. This woman was strong enough to put the pieces back together and keep moving as if her heart was never broke. The pain didn’t hinder her and keep her down. It only made her stronger.

She moved on. She knew her worth and she deserved better. It was when she moved on that you finally saw her worth. She was the diamond all men were looking for, It’s far too late for you, She gave you far too many chances, You had your chance to be the man that you pretended to be when you first met. You had the chance to be the one who would make her happy for the rest of her life.

Sorry to tell you that this woman has a heart of gold and it is no longer yours. She set you free and is no longer fighting for you and you to see her worth. She needed to release you so she could fly free and feel alive again. She now is fighting for herself. And, that’s something you taught her to do. You taught her an important lesson so she isn’t mad. She learned to love herself more and always put herself first.

Losing her was all your fault. Your neglect and games made her turn and run. She ended up running right into the arms of another man. A man who appreciates her and knows her worth. He will cherish her for the diamond she is and always protect his most cherished prize.