You Will Find The Love Of Your Life, Only After The Mistake Of Your Life

At some point in life, you may visualize the worst partner as the love of your life. You lay your biggest desires and ambitions on him until he decides to crush them underneath his ego.

You cant envision a life without him being in it. He, on the other hand, chooses to take parts of you as he desires and moves on his way, leaving you shattered.

And why wouldn’t you feel this way, you gave your everything to a person who is not worthy of you. When you clearly deserved someone better.

What if I tell you that being heartbroken and miserable is going to change your life for the better? You wouldn’t have eliminated this toxic relationship from your life if you weren’t obligated to do so.
At times we become so determined, so strong willed to hold onto the person we believe we love, only to feel hurt and confused in the end. However, this might be the only push you need to move on from a person who clearly doesn’t deserve you. Maybe the broken pieces of your soul will mold you into a better version of yourself.

You need to find yourself first, so eventually, the right person can find you.

Our past relationships teach us what we would like to derive from our personal connections. Mistakes and breakups are there to help us identify what makes us truly happy and what love should be like. It empowers us to make better choices and set priorities in our future relationships.

Love is a two-sided affair. Both partners should be actively involved in order to make it work. If just one person is making all the effort and investment, its bound to go downhill.

You cannot beg someone to love you. The person who wants to play an active role in your life will make their way themselves. No tedious routines and crazy schedules can act as an excuse.

Love involves solving problems. An ideal partner should be there to listen to your concerns and worries regardless of whether they can solve it or not.

Love is healing and kind. It’s about the shared laughter and amount of joy they bring in your life by just being there. There shouldn’t be any grief or abuse involved.

The best kind of love is the love that entitles you to pursue your most desired dreams and passions while still making you feel grounded and at home. Be grateful to the bitter experiences you faced because they enabled you to recognize the value of true love and know when it comes along.

Your eyes will sparkle will glitter with joy and compassion by just seeing his random good morning text or a 1-minute call during work.

You will feel content and satisfied that this person loves and cares for you as much as you do for them. The partnership you both share will be mesmerizing and will only get stronger as time passes. Whether its spending time with each other or making plans, everything will seem to fall in place. Your love and feelings will be reciprocated and the inner satisfaction you will feel will be priceless.

You were able to experience all of this due to the pain, suffering, and torture you had endured in the past. Your past taught you the real value of love and emotional connections. It showed you everything that love should not be. Not only did it make you a better person, but it also paved the way for new and meaningful connections to strive and cherish.