Your Choice Of Colors For Your Home Could Be Down To Your Zodiac Sign

New year, a new decade, time for a new look to your home perhaps?

How you decorate your home can change over the years, as we age our tastes change. Sometimes we have disasters and other times the look is perfect and having your home just the way you want it can help your mental health.


Aries love to be surrounded by bright colors, especially orange as it shows their passionate side and to have a pop of color helps keep them calm. You’ll often find an Aries decorate their home in neutral colors as their base backdrop and them they will insert color using fabrics, cushions, and artwork.


Taurus live life by their senses, taste, sight, touch, smell, and sound, they embrace them all and their home has to have all five to make them happy. They love elegance and can often be found using colors from times past. They love the finer things in life and demand the best of everything. Luxury is their go-to word and they ensure they is reflected in their home.


Gemini likes to be minimal and neutral in colors they especially love the color white.  They like to keep things simple and relaxing, that doesn’t mean they are boring or unadventurous, they just prefer a classy look, you will find their home full of bookshelves and that to them is more than enough decoration. They love a good quality rug as there only compromise to a pop of color.


Cancers have a tough exterior but underneath they are extremely sensitive and emotional people. They love nothing more than to cozy up and have their personal space and that can be seen in their bedrooms. They love everything to match so that they feel comfortable and safe, they love lilac as it is peaceful yet adds a pop of color.


Leo’s are bold in character and this isn’t missed out when it comes to decorating their home. They love regal colors such as royal blue, red and gold. They want their home to be a showpiece and they fill it will bold and shiny ornaments and you will find a high priced piece of art in nearly every room, they want their home to shout status to all who visit it.


Virgo’s tend to go for the muted colors such as cream, and the coffee-colored paints that are available. They surround themselves with books as they love to read and as such the bookshelves are the accessories. You’ll find a chalkboard in their kitchen as they make lots of notes and reminders, and when sitting drinking their morning coffee they will doodle as their mind goes over their coming day.


Libra has flair and grace in their personality and this can be found in their home too. They like soft grays with color pops of pink and their home has expensive chic furniture, lighting is important to them, but it must be discreet yet workable, don’t be surprised to find a few chandeliers in their home, and lots of mirrors.


Scorpio’s are bold and strong and this is reflected in their home, but especially the bedroom. As they as they are very sexual their bedrooms will be seductive with reds and golds, almost like a high-end hotel, the fabrics will be luxurious and the lighting low. They probably pay more attention to their bedroom than any other part of their home which will also have a high-end look.


They love the color purple and the darker the better, that doesn’t mean their whole home is painted purple, it will be used as feature walls and accessories. They love to travel so you will find souvenirs they have picked up along the way all over the home, some may even go as far as to put a world map on the wall and mark where they have been as they like the visual thought of planning where to go next.


More of a classical character their home will have greens and browns, they will be the ones that have good quality furniture but not loads of it, they like a minimal classic look, leather chairs, and couches. They are pretty tight with their money so when they do splash out it as to be the best so it lasts. You can bet you’ll also find a fireplace as they like nothing more than to curl up in front of their fire.


Another sign that likes things simply so white is their base color for every room, they then color pop with accessories and artwork. Their choice of artwork will be bold and have some meaning to them, they are also not averse to framing postcards and prints they find on their travels to give their home a memory lane of their times away from home.


One of their favorite places in the home is the bathroom, it is where they spend time relaxing and dreaming. They like muted blues so it doesn’t feel cold and will have lots of accessories and luxury towels. Their bedroom is their second favorite place so they tend to follow the color through from the bathroom as they like everything in their home to flow.