Your Craving For Certain Things Could Be Down To Your Zodiac Sign

Most people find themselves addicted to one thing in their lives as it gives them comfort and pleasure, find out which one could be your addiction below.

ARIES: Coffee

They are addicted to coffee because of the caffeine content, if they don’t like coffee you will find them drinking tea or energy drinks with high caffeine content. They are addicted because due to their lifestyle the boost keeps them going, they can be found preferring to drink caffeine loaded drinks rather than eating.


They are real foodies, they love all types of food and can be found hosting plenty of dinner parties which people love to attend. They love hosting world tours via food which always go down well with those that attend. They know all the best places in town to eat at, and their addiction can even find them sitting in front of the fridge having midnight feasts.

GEMINI: Social media

Pretty much a given with this sign. They have varied interests and can get lost in their social media accounts scrolling through and lose all track of time. They love to explore the world via social media and have been known to lose sleep because they got lost in what they were doing.

CANCER: Romance

They love belonging to someone and the closeness that brings. They like to feel wanted and needed and they are very giving. They go the extra mile when in love, sending cute texts and planning surprises, this is why they appear addicted to displays of romantic ideas and they are always thinking of new ways to show their romantic interest in someone.

LEO: Shopping

Whether it’s at the mall or on-line they shop until they drop. They love to look good in all they wear and are constantly looking for something new to wear. If they feel depressed, they shop, when they are happy, they shop, they have been known to experience withdrawals when they have to curtail their spending due to finances.

VIRGO: Cleanliness

They are absolute neat freaks, everything has to be clean and in order, it is like a compulsion verging on obsessive and that can be where the warning signs shout out. They have been known to get angry if someone messes up their home, and more often than not would rather meet friends out at a bar than have them come to their home and make a mess.


As they are ruled by Venus the planet of love their addiction is well explained. They love to be in love and they work hard at making any relationship they have well balanced and committed. They give their all and they never settle for half love. They are not prepared for any kind of roller coaster relationship, so harmony is important to them.


No surprise here as they are the most passionate of all the signs and they love the chemistry and physical contact sex gives them. They have a high sex drive almost freakishly so and the freakier the better as far as they are concerned. Once they find their ultimate freak in the sheets partner, they want no one else and can become possessive and obsessive.


They love adventures and travel is an addiction with them. They are always looking for new places to visit, new people to meet which in turn makes life fun and interesting for them. They have a bucket list of places to visit and their whole life is built around making that bucket list a reality.


They are workaholics and their determination and ambition are what drives them and their addictions. They have little to no idea what a work-life balance is and they can burn out very quickly which forces them to take time out. Even when on forced downtime their mind is constantly thinking of what they need to do next.


They value their freedom above anything else. They like to be in their comfort zone and they are not willing to give that up for anyone. Commitment frightens them as it means they have to leave their comfort zone, so they pull back and retreat to their place where they feel free to be who they are.

PISCES: Sleeping

They love their bed! They sleep and sleep, they love the warmth and the way their bed embraces them into feeling safe and secure. They are always hitting the snooze button on their alarm clock and will often be heard apologising for being late as they just didn’t want to leave their warm, comfy bed.