Your Friends Ranked From Worst To Best According To Their Zodiac Sign

Have you ever wondered why some friends are better at being there for you than others? Their behavior could be down to the sign they are born under; some make great friends and some as just downright diabolical.


OMG! The worst of the lot, they are short-tempered and moody when things don’t go their way and they are extremely judgemental and opinionated. They are perfectionists and expect everyone else to be the same.

They are loyal people but their attitude lets them down and they only have a few friends and that’s because they put up with them. Quite frankly being a friend with a Virgo means you have to have a thick skin and a forgiving nature, as when they decide to let the words flow, they can be quite evil.


When your Capricorn friend falls in love, they go MIA, they drop all their friends and spend all their time with the man in their life. You could need them and they will not be available to you period.

When they are single, they are amazing friends but you will find out that it is all a means to an end for them. Should you voice your concerns about them dropping you they will turn on you and accuse you of being jealous of them, yet when that relationship ends, they expect you to drop whatever you are doing to help them through their heartbreak.


They explode with character and have no problems giving anyone a piece of their mind which is great in some aspects but they don’t need to be so aggressive when doing so, their mouth runs away with them and often hurts their friend’s feelings.

They change friends as often as they change their clothes especially should a friend not agree with what they are saying. They always put themselves first and should they find you haven’t been 100% honest with them then they remove you with no warning, which is a good thing for them, but they haven’t taken into account that perhaps you didn’t tell them something as you feared their aggressive reaction.


You can reason with your Taurean friend on anything they have already made their mind up about. It is their way or the highway there is no middle ground.

Stubborn is their middle name after all, and when discussions get heated it can make for a difficult time all around. However, they are incredibly loyal and they will admit when they are in the wrong once they have calmed down. They will never stab you in the back so are dependable friends to have even if they are draining at times.


You get two friends for the price of one with a Gemini and this can make for some crazy times that can leave you in a whirl of fun times and exhaustion.

They have loads of friends but only those who are truly close get to see the real naked them. They are incredibly honest people who will tell you like it is and value your friendship. They are loyal and will always defend you and should someone speak ill of you in your absence just know they will not think twice about setting the record straight and rip the gossiper a new one.


They nag the life out of people, are know-it-alls and pick up on everything that isn’t right. That can become tiring for their friends but this flaw is often forgiven as they have such big hearts.

They love to spend time with their friends, talking about everything, copious amounts of wine and jokes are their favorite times. When you are feeling down, they lift you up and should you need a hug they are there to shower you with hugs to make the world feel a better place for you, they are loyal and would never betray you.


Initially you think Pisces are great friends to have but don’t be fooled, they have their own agenda and will use people to get what they want and won’t care if they hurt people around them.

They are a confusing mess of emotions, one minute they are hard as they come, the next they display an empathic nature and people are drawn to this. Confiding in them is a risk as they are not great at keeping secrets and then make light of broken confidence if caught out.


These friends have their agenda and path to follow if you are prepared to journey along then great, but if not, they quickly accept that the friendship has run its course whereas you will be left wondering what you did wrong.

They don’t care what people think about them, they have a different set of priorities from the rest of the circle of friends. They are highly intelligent people and they work on improving themselves at every opportunity, but they can be party animals too. They have a lot of acquaintances they can have fun with, but there are only a few people they call friends.


They give their friends all their attention whether friends for a short while or for life. They believe friends are entitled to a quality friendship and they are devoted whilst being adventurous and funny AF.

They live life outside of the box and can see life differently and pass this onto their friends. They hate drama of any kind and avoid negative people, don’t think they are a pushover though as they will never sugar coat anything if they think it needs to be said they will say it.


They have no concept of comfort zone; they will strive to live outside the box and drag you along with them. You will never forget a conversation with them as they are weird, at times dirty and wonderful and will leave you with epic memories.

They will never lie to you, they are brutally honest and whether you want to hear it or not, they will say it, but will ensure you know they are saying it with love and not to be a nasty bitch.


Wherever a Leo is you can be sure it will be adventurous and like a party. They love to have a good time and their favorite way to spend time is with their friends. They are not the needy friend so if they don’t hear from you in a while it will not be an issue with them.

The catch-up times you have with your Leo friend are what legends are made of and you will find yourself thinking of those times in the years to come. A Leo is a friend for life and will never let you down when you need them the most.


Libra comes out on top as the best friend to have as they are the kindest and most loving people you could ever meet. They make the impossible happen, they are extremely loyal to their friends and they have a large social circle.

They miss nothing, if you are feeling down, they will notice and take the time to cheer you up and talk through whatever it is that is bothering you. You being happy is important to them. Their only fault is they struggle to say no to anyone and this means some people take advantage of their good heart.