You’re Not An Empath, You’re An Emotional Train Wreck

Empaths are extremely sensitive people who are constantly aware of the emotions and energies that are given off by people around them. Empaths learn early on that they are different from many of the people they know. As they grew up they were likely very emotional, and now as adults, they remain very sensitive.

If you are an empath, you might find yourself extremely affected by negative energy from other people. You may often feel drained because you absorb the energies, both good and bad, from everyone that surrounds you.

However, there’s a dark part to being an empath that most people don’t know.

Many people who come across as empaths aren’t really empaths at all, they’re actually emotional train wrecks with narcissistic tendencies.

It may sound odd because everyone has always known empaths to be people who feel other people’s emotions and often take on other peoples emotions as their own. As for narcissists, they care about anyone’s feelings, thoughts or emotions other than their own. However, what people don’t know is, it is completely possible to be an empathic narcissist.

Empathic narcissists are extremely dangerous because they know how to disguise their narcissism with what seems like genuine empathy. Some people may not even realize that they are an empathic narcissist.

There are two different types of narcissism. One type is overt, and the other is covert narcissism.

Overt is the type of narcissism that most people picture in their heads when they think of the typical narcissist. They are all about themselves; they don’t care for anyone’s opinions or feelings, and they have no interest in anything that doesn’t benefit them. Covert narcissists, on the other hand, are way more dangerous because they are able to hide in front of your eyes. They are out for their own interests and will manipulate people in order to get what they want, but you’d never realize it if you knew them. They are masters when it comes to hiding their manipulative nature behind a sensitive and introverted front. Covert narcissists are just as cruel and self-centered as overt narcissists, but instead of looking like narcissists, they come across as emotional train wrecks that people mistake as empaths.

True empaths are almost impossible to detect because there is this dark hidden part to most of them; the fact that they are not empaths at all, but a beast of a whole different nature.

Empathic narcissists are in complete denial of the fact that they hide their narcissistic tendencies. In fact, most of the time they don’t even realize that they are narcissistic.

More people that portray themselves as empaths are actually empathic narcissists than you think.

Both types of narcissists are good at putting on a front to manipulate and make people like them. They try to portray themselves as an empath to compensate their low self esteems; they want to make people feel like they care, even if they don’t.

Narcissists are extremely toxic people, but in a way, having them in your life helps you to grow as a person. It can leave you in a lot of pain when you deal with a narcissist if you have grown close to them, but most of the time narcissists are put in our lives to leave us with a lesson.

Empathic narcissists believe that they’re victims.

They constantly talk about how everyone’s negative energies and feelings are draining them. They victimize themselves because they claim to feel peoples problems so strongly. However, the problem is, they often don’t realize that they are putting out a lot of negative energy themselves because they’re not really understanding to other people.

Real empaths tend to be very vulnerable.

Empathic narcissists seem as if they feel and understand the emotions of others, but they do not really care about how anyone feels but themselves. Real empaths can’t help but to care about, and make themselves vulnerable to people around them.

Empathic narcissists know exactly how to look like a victim.

They call themselves empaths because it causes people to be open to them, and it allows the narcissist to manipulate people without them even realizing it.

Empathic narcissists can’t take criticism.

They are easily offended when anyone says anything contrary to what they think. Anyone who isn’t going along with what they want causes them to get extremely upset.

Not all empaths are capable of having empathy.

Maybe you can feel the emotions of other people, but can you put yourself into their shoes and actually see what they’re going through? If not, maybe you aren’t truly an empath.

Could you really be an empath who takes on all of the emotions of others or are you just an emotional wreck?

It’s time to think about things and acknowledge who you are, for what you are. If you fail to do that, your toxic behaviors will never change.

Empathic narcissists aren’t always bad people. However, they put on fronts to hide the fact that they truly are narcissistic, and their self-esteem is a total mess. They hide behind the face of an empath. Thankfully if you are an empathic narcissist and you’ve acknowledged the traits listed in this article, you are already on your way to becoming better.